Content Writing Portfolio


Exact Destinations 2019

I have been working with Exact Destinations for several months, producing travel-related content for various websites.

Streetwise 2018

I recently worked with Streetwise motorbike tours, providing content for their Facebook page and blog.

Travelista 2017 Travel Articles

10 Things to do when you’re staying in Hobart

Tropicalist 2017 Travel Articles

Exploring Melbourne on a Budget

A Brisbane to Melbourne Road Trip



 Curry Camp 2018

I previously ran the Facebook page for an Indian restaurant. I revamped and optimised the existing page and continue to post several times per week whilst promoting the restaurant in Facebook groups. I just three months I increased the number of followers by 1000%.

Clinton Weir 2017-2018

I ran the Instagram account for one of the best cocktail and flair bartender’s in the world, promoting his work and bringing in clients.

Terrace Bar 2013-2016

I ran the Instagram account for a student bar in Leeds, promoting products and deals, gaining followers, and increasing sales.




Better Help 2017-2018

I have written several articles for a counselling website to inform and advise people going through various issues.

Clinical depression: When it’s more than just feeling down

How to stop worrying and start living

Ever thought: Do I have anxiety or am I just worried?

Rules to live by for a happier, fuller life

It’s time to learn how to respect yourself

Can psychology answer the question: Why do we dream?

Gain some self-insight with the Big 5 personality test

Time heals all wounds – or does it?

Physits 2017

I previously worked for a physiotherapy start up company for a short period of time running their Instagram in order to attract customers. I also wrote blog posts on a bi-weekly basis to engage and inform readers as well as to drive sales.

Bliss Beauty Spa 2015 – Present

I currently work for an English chain of beauty spas, writing blog posts on a range of topics in order to engage site visitors and drive sales, as well as updating the website with new products and offers. Please note that I am not responsible for the social media pages for this website.

Nudey Tea Detox Teas 2015

For a short amount of time I was involved in an affiliate marketing programme for a company which sold detox teas. I created and maintained Twitter and Instagram accounts for the company with an aim of driving sales.



Hercampus 2013-2015

Whilst I was studying at university I wrote monthly articles for an online magazine aimed at female students. Due to my eye for detail and grammatical knowledge, I also edited articles by other writers. I was also jointly responsible for uploading articles to the website.

The Tab 2013-2014

During my time as a university student I wrote weekly articles for an online newspaper, aimed at entertaining university students.

Leadspring 2018

On a sporadic basis I write articles on various topics as required.