How Can I Help Your Business?

Social Media

Creating and implementing the perfect social media plan takes time and dedication. It involves discovering what to post, when you should post it, how often to post, and what platforms to use. It also involves taking the time to connect with potential clients via social media. I can implement the perfect social media plan for your business to ensure that your brand is represented in the best way, and reaches as many potential clients as possible.


Copy Writing

I can create effective copy which will engage your audience, whoever that may be. This could be content for your website or blog, or writing articles. This serves a variety of functions, including making your website easier to find on search engines, informing potential clients about the product, engaging and entertaining readers, and attracting people to visit and spend more time on your website. Ultimately it drives sales. Contact me for all of your writing needs from one-off articles to ongoing long-term projects.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the way forward – I can create professional, compelling emails to entertain and inform your subscribers, ultimately leading them to your website and driving sales.


Travel Writing

I’m a skilled travel writer with a passion for both travelling, and writing about travelling! I know how to delve deep and create an interesting, engaging story with a fresh spin, drawing from both my own knowledge and experience, and extensive research as required.


Contact me for all of your writing needs.